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Check out my new videos! "Bob's Pretty Little Life Tips" There will be 8 episodes and the first is up and running. I also have a trailer for my drinking show "Extreme Hangover" that should be a global phenomenon.


Currently working on financing for my web series "The Fodders". Here is a sneak peek at an episode  we were able to shoot in my home. its midway through the season.

Just finshed my PSA from the 80's video, "Eye of the Tiger" went pretty well. MY 11 yr old daughter was the cinemaphotographer..and a great actress! She stole her scenes.

"Go Cook Yourself" i believe is still something that needs to be made!.

Here is a sizzle reel!

Have 5 full length scripts and 1 sit com ready to shoot. All unique and marketable!

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